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Full Custom Color Change Wraps

Customization – Car wraps are a unique way to completely change the color of your vehicle. With the wide range of colors you can completely customize your vehicle to your own personal liking. Don’t like the current color of your car? Change it with a custom vinyl wrap. Want a matte finish to stand out from the crowd? We can do that too. Wants a metal flake or metallic colors? We have you covered! The possibilities are endless with custom vehicle wraps!

Protection – Custom vehicle wraps add a secondary layer, therefore they protect your vehicles paint from the harsh elements. If, at any point, you don’t want your vehicle wrap anymore, contact C4 Wraps for wrap removal. The paint on your car will be unaffected—no chips or scratches. We’ll even remove your wrap for FREE if removed within the 5 year warranty time period.

Auto Restyling and Vehicle Graphics

Want something different without completely changing the look of your car? C4 Wraps can restyle your vehicle to give it just enough to stand apart from the crowd. Sometime it’s a simple hood wrap, or maybe just a few graphics down the side. Whatever your looking for C4 Wraps is the place to go.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Pricing

At C4 Wraps you’re guaranteed to get a competitive price. With the ability to perform all work in house we’re able to pass the saving on to the customer. We offer discounts without sacrificing quality to many groups and organizations in an effort to help brand and market your vehicle to your environment. The price you agree to is the price you pay. We will never attach hidden fees or costs after the wrap is installed.

Custom Design

All of our designs are custom and unique to our customers’ businesses, personalities, and tastes. We allow unlimited revisions of any design. Although we will make several suggestions based on our experience, we will never force a design on a customer. We will not print your vehicle wrap until you are 100% satisfied with the design. We care about our image and want our customer to fall in love with their newly customized vehicle.

Professional Installation

Anyone can take a training course and find their way through a wrap installation, but only skilled and experienced installers will earn the title of a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer. We are passionate about our work and spend countless hours teaching and learning new practices to continually provide our customers a true professional installation they can be proud of. We will never sacrifice quality over cost or quantity.